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Talent Quest

Educating for Eternity


We are on a quest to expose the great performing arts talents of our student at Shepparton Christian College.
Performances can be solo or involve multiple people; however, Covid-19 restrictions must be adhered to and honoured.
Performances may include but are not limited to:
Musicial Instruments, Vocal, Dance, Poetry, Drama &/or Skits

Staff will curate all submissions. Submitted videos may be immediately published on social media as an ongoing promotion for the talent quest. Some videos may receive feedback on how to improve but may not be used for public presentation. Selected videos will be collated and used for a live stream event being planned for Term 4.

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:
• Best instrumental performance (Primary)
• Best instrumental performance (Secondary)
• Best vocal performance (Primary)
• Best vocal performance (Secondary)
• Best Non – Instrumental / Vocal performance (Primary)
• Best Non – Instrumental / Vocal performance (Secondary)
The adjudicating staff may also issue other commendation awards.
Prizes include gift vouchers relevant to the performance type and other suitable prizes.

Performance pieces need to be submitted in the MP4 file format. We request that student entries are 2 minute length performances. Please click on the link below to submit videos.

1. Individuals can enter in multiple acts as members of groups.
2. Entries are to be submitted by completing the entry form available on our web site
3. Performance time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.
4. Parents, please watch the act at least once before submitting the video to
check for appropriateness, quality, and length of the act.
5. Lyrics of the songs must be appropriate for school
6. Costumes/attire must be appropriate and modest
7. Performers must be students at SCC (P- Year 12) to be elligible for Prizes
8. Past Students may enter but will not be elligible for prizes.
9. Staff may enter but will not be elligible for prizes.
10. Parents of current students may enter but will not be elligible for prizes.
11. All submissions become the property of Shepparton Christian College
12. The judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.
13. All entrants must accept the terms and conditions upon entry
14. Entries close September 18
15. MP4 video submissions only.